Stones stacked on top of each other

"With the stones that arise in my path,
I build the stage of my Success

- Betina von Hohendorff 

Neuro Life Coach 


Betina von Hohendorff
-Neuro Coaching & Hypnosis-


Certified as Master Coach- NLP Trainer and Ericksonian Hypnosis by AEPNL (Spanish NLP Association) and The Excel Institute in Palma de Mallorca.

This is My Story

My name is Betina von Hohendorff and I was born in the South of Brasil, where I grew up in a world full of Fashion, Music, Spiritual Healing, and Meditation. Through these experiences, I have learned so much about respect for other people, nature, and spirituality.

From a very young age, my mother started taking me to lots of different help seminars, including ones by famous best-selling authors Louise Hay and the Honorable Joseph Murphy, where they taught me the power of positive thinking and self-healing. 

These were the catalysts that would take me on the journey to where I am now.

Fly free with an open mind and embrace an unstoppable

new You.



For over 30 years, I am really proud to have been personally involved with helping people from many different cultures and backgrounds, all over the world (being a Multi-linguist *German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese speaker has helped a lot).


From my projects for the Brasilian Government, (working with destitute children on the streets of Brasil), to advising International Companies and Individuals in,( England, France, German, Belgium, Holland Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, and America) about Coaching and more.


Throughout this time I have created and developed a system (using my hands-on coaching, professional qualifications, and life experiences), that encompasses various techniques, working in harmony together, to help my clients reconnect with their true inner selves.

On a personal level, the final piece of my 'coaching jigsaw' was when I attended a 4-day seminar in London, hosted by my mentor Tony Robbins, where I completed a firewalk and felt a spiritual reconnection between who I am now and all that I learned as a child.


The inspiration for my logo is based on my initials BvH – The 'B' is represented twice as a mirror image to reflect the Subconscious and conscious states of the mind. The 'V' is the Butterflies Head and is small, as it is in my name, and the 'H' together with the 'B' complete the Butterflies wings.

Private Coaching

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Business Coaching

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