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Holiday Coaching

My Holiday Coaching Program was created in response to so many enquiries from my clients, {who wanted to have the opportunity of taking a well-earned break from 'their old routines', and 'get away from it all for a little time, whilst also training with me}, that I simply had to respond!.

So I designed a one-week coaching program around the place I know best  - the stunning Island of Mallorca, Spain. The place I am fortunate to call my home. 'The sunshine island' as it's know to many, with its stunning Beaches and endless kilometers of Mountains and Coastlines, is the perfect place to unwind and really put everything into perspective.


Consisting of 10 sessions of 75 minutes each, that fit perfectly into your holiday routine, whilst giving you amazing results.


The sessions take place every other day, face to face, either in my office (for things like meditation sessions) or at a stunning location, hand-picked by me. On top of that, there is daily contact - mostly via the telephone through WhatsApp or Telegram. Don't worry though, in between that time, there are plenty of opportunities for you to relax and enjoy the Island.

As with all forms of my coaching, goals are set with each client. To meet these goals, one-off practices are agreed upon. These are designed to break patterns and beliefs; creating new neural pathways, that literally re-form the mind.

All my Coaching Systems come complete with Hypnosis (except Group Coaching and Online Coaching) and Meditation.

For more information on how to reserve your place, please contact me.

Here's a little promo Video of my Holiday Coaching.


Jean McKinley  

Bedford - UK 

An amazing NLP coach. I traveled to Mallorca to receive coaching and also take time out to enjoy the island. I recommend Betina for your personal and one-to-one business coaching.


Unique, friendly, professional, and results. Betina is always in contact and there if you need her at any time. If you can combine the coaching with a few days to explore Mallorca then do read more...

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