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Mindovers System

Mindovers Coaching is a system completely tailored to each individual's personal needs. It helps to draw focus away from the things in their lives that have become cluttered and broken and points them in the direction of a more balanced and organised lifestyle, reinvigorating the body and mind in complete synchronicity.

It's quite common for us all to suffer stress, lack of energy, low creativity, and a real sense of purpose both in our business and private lives.

It can force us to disconnect ourselves from others, leaving us trapped in self-imposed isolation, eventually leading us down the road to depression. It will overwhelmingly affect our happiness and day-to-day mental well-being and health.


Happy Family

It will cause a dip in our productivity at work and therefore puts us at risk of potentially losing our jobs or businesses.  Inevitable reducing the quality of our family lives and will add a huge strain on all of the other relationships around us.


All of my coaching programs include hypnosis as a standard as this helps me to look deeper into the subconscious and quickly discover where things started to become damaged. 


Through these processes, a relationship of trust between me and my clients is quickly developed (normally between the second and third session) which allows us to go on a journey together of understanding and unity.​


All of my sessions are done in the uttermost privacy and covered by a confidentiality clause which is written into my Terms and Conditions, to help protect both parties.

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