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Therapy Session

Personal Coaching

My Personal, Face to Face (anywhere in the world) or Online, Coaching Program was created specifically to suit people who prefer to work on a one-one basis with me. This could be due to things like not feeling comfortable or confident in sharing personal situations with others in a group.

Formal meetings usually take place once a week and consist of minimum10 sessions of 75 minutes each but can be flexible depending on the client's needs and work schedules.

As with all forms of my coaching, goals are set with the client. To meet these goals one-off practices are agreed upon. These are designed to break our patterns and beliefs; they create new neural pathways, literally re-forming the mind.

All my Coaching Systems come complete with Hypnosis (except Group Coaching and Online Coaching) and Meditation.

For more information on how to reserve your place, please contact me.


John Hutson

Award-winning Interior Designer. USA 

Louise Hay and I worked together at “The Hay Ride” for a decade. But I was too busy fighting AIDS to benefit from Louise’expertise. Enter Betina- and at this time in my life, I was ready to change. Betina’s “hypnosis and Forgiveness” ( a Louise principal) helped me finally forgive, and Move On! Louise  left the planet a few years past. I’m glad Bettina was here to read more...

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