Dr. Nina Holzer  

CEO of HIDALGO Sattel, Austria 

I have known Betina for a long time and have always been fascinated by what she does. In 2019 I decided to do coaching with her. Before the hypnosis, I had admitted respect. But wow! What an experience! Sensational! 

I can warmly recommend Betina. I must also say that the support during the coaching was really great at almost any time of the day or night and also afterward. Hardly anyone does something like that! And Betina does not look at the clock. She accompanies very professionally with a lot of heart and mind.

Absolutely recommendable! 

John Hutson

Award-winning Interior Designer. USA 

Louise Hay and I worked together at “The Hay Ride” for a decade. But I was too busy fighting AIDS to benefit from Louise’expertise. Enter Betina- and at this time in my life, I was ready to change. Betina’s “hypnosis and Forgiveness” ( a Louise principal) helped me finally forgive, and Move On! Louise  left the planet a few years past. I’m glad Bettina was here to help me now.  

I recommend  Betina. 

Fredi Wohlwend 

Managing Director, ibc Innova Construction Management & Consulting AG, Switzerland

I was invited to meet Betina through a friend. I have some "old burdens" from my past that caught me over and over again and limited my quality of life. These are the reasons that led me to Betina for coaching.


I quickly felt that Betina is a reliable person, and the days of coaching helped me to work with my "old bales". I even went into hypnosis and this was the highlight of the sessions. And it helped immediately and I am grateful to have been allowed to try this and I can recommend this kind of therapy to everyone from the heart!  


Betina is a lovely person and a great coach! 


Marc Cornella Solà 

Director Gestió de Persones, Vallbanc Andorra

In Mindovers you will have the opportunity to work with Betina, who will help you become aware of professional and personal issues that can be an obstacle to your development.


The focus is more likely to be on personal issues, as this is the "philosopher's stone" on which all other aspects are based and where we usually find the emotional knots to be unraveled. At this point, one of the techniques used is Ericksonian hypnosis, which is a great complement to neuro coaching as it affects the subconscious and unconscious.  


If you want to change and become positive, knowing and activating all your potential, Betina and Mindovers are an excellent option.   

Christian Frederic Emile Maroldt 

CEO Maroldt SARL, Luxembourg 

A good friend of mine signed me up with Betina two years ago because he thought she could certainly help me in my life and so the whole thing started: 

In the first conversation, we exchanged our life experiences, and after that Betina explained her approach to me and occupied herself with me intensively for 3 days. Afterward, I experienced the awake hypnosis in Palma with her and felt relieved because many things in my childhood were not yet clarified.


From the whole thing, I decided to offer this successful therapy to our employees in the company, first on the executive floor and then also to our people who were interested in it. Those people, as well as I, are still in successful connection with Betina, whose approach I can only recommend. 

Luis Espinosa 

Director of Banking of Strategy & Financial Technology Innovation, Vallbanc Andorra

Each one of us goes through life with more or less fortunate, with our dreams and aspirations, going after them or simply as a mere spectator waiting for things to happen. 

Many times you want to climb a mountain because you think that's the end of your life, to get to the top, but you don't realize the backpack you're carrying. And you don't really know how long you've been carrying it and who put it there. 

Those fears, those assumptions that you make at some point in your adolescence, then you think they are forever, that the circumstances that led you to them are still with you unshakable.  It's that heavy backpack that makes you stand and stare up at the mountain, making you dream of the impossible. 


Thank you, Betina for reminding me who I am, that I don't need the backpack and I can take it off without fear, that that mountain I always dreamed of is not what moves me, and that I am the director of the film of my life. 



Anastasia Lau 

 Photo model, Switzerland  

With the support of Betina, I was able to get to know myself better and rediscover my strength. She helped me to work on old topics and to get new perspectives on life. She showed me different strategies and gave me tips on how to approach things.


With her, you feel safe, accompanied, and understood. I started the coaching without any expectations and was curious about what it would bring me and was afterward enthusiastic about what was going to happen.

Now I am about to change and redesign my life myself. I am very thankful for the way Betina accompanied/coached me. I can recommend her to anyone who feels ready to learn to love themselves and to actively practice their self-love.

My tip: In order to experience success with her help, you need the willingness to do your part for it yourself (self-work), because only through practice does knowledge bear fruit. 

Michaela Hueffer 

Shoe designer - Mallorca 

When I had to close my shoe boutiques after 30 years, after a few years with health, private and financial problems, Betina offered me her help. 

Skeptical at first, I made an appointment with her and this moment "caught" my life and steered it in new directions.


The coaching with Betina opens worlds of thoughts and I have learned to change everything negative into positive ideas and orientations. I have learned to pray, to put my thoughts into words, and to reflect on the beautiful moments of the day in the evening. This is how to sleep well. And as I fall asleep, I imagine how I want my life to be, how I can turn my problems into challenges to solve them, and how I want to live! 

Luciana Paula Santos 

Photo Modelo, Brasil 

My name is Luciana, I'm a model, a candidate for Miss Grand Islas Baleares, a university student in the psychology department.  

Knowing Betina's work was very important for me, because I was in a very hard moment of my life, with a toxic relationship, beginning of the university, and of the contest.  

Coaching with Betina helped me to look at things more clearly, to be more sure of myself, to know who I am and what I want. It's great to have someone to help you, to give you an outside perspective, to show you another point of view. 

I have a lot of gratitude, love, and appreciation for Betina and her amazing work. 


Riham Bentahra 

Winner - Miss Attitude 2020, Mallorca 

Hi, my name is Riham and I wanted to tell you about my experience A few months ago I decided to sign up for a beauty contest, thanks to this I met Betina, my coach.


The moment I met her and heard her explanations about emotions and how to manage them... I knew I wanted to put myself in her hands. She has helped me in every way, she has reminded me of who I really am, she has given me tools to use in case I weaken again, and for that and many other reasons,


I will always be grateful to her. I really recommend trying her therapy because the results are very good and visible.

Thank you very much for your help! 

Gabriela Schläpfer Della Rosa

Pharmaceutical management, Switzerland 

I met Betina on an excursion during my holidays and we talked about our job. She awakened in me the confidence to coach with her.


The four-day intensive coaching with hypnosis helped me to undo the trauma with my father. To believe in me, that I am good as I am. It is a liberating, self-reinforcing, beautiful feeling. I had respect, even fear of hypnosis. Today I would do it again immediately, but only with Betina, because I was allowed to experience what it does.  

She is the best coach for me! 

David Torrado 

Travel Manager, Centro Empresarial Globalia, Spain  

I went to Bettina after a complicated personal situation. Thanks to her hypnosis therapy and coaching actions, during approximately two months, I got the necessary tools and resources to overcome that situation and above all to learn new mechanisms that allow me to have more personal self-knowledge as well as to improve the relationships with my partner, family, friends, subordinates, and conflict management. 

Nerea Sampedro 

Winner of GerardX Pageant 2019, Mallorca 

Betina, I want to thank you personally for your great attitude, for transmitting confidence, and for being able to bring out our most positive self, not only in the nights of galas but in the day-to-day.


It has been a pleasure to meet you, I will follow your advice even after the contest is over! 

Alexandra Cinquini-Dienhart 

Project Manager, Maroldt SARL, Luxembourg

Coaching with Betina is also highly recommended for people who feel that they are free of problems. It helps you to reflect on yourself, to deal with your own values in a new way. So that afterward you can concentrate on the important things in your life.  


The coaching strengthened my self-confidence and my self-perception. You are proud of your own strengths and learn to understand your weaknesses. One is forced to deal with unfinished issues of the past and overcomes them under the guidance of Betina. 

Thanks again for this great support! 

Kerstin Hamberger 

Marketing leiterin, Germany 

Dear Betina 

I have always felt very comfortable and secure in your Life Coaching. It has done me good in my soul. My negative thought patterns have since changed into pleasant thoughts.  Also, the conversations afterward were always very interesting and instructive. 

All the best and keep it up!! 

Vladimir Perez Portal

Owner of Barber Shop, Vladi, Mallorca 

Coaching with Betina has been the professional and personal change that we all seek, because it is to find in our inner self, that child that we carry inside, in order to work it, to be able to fulfill all our goals and objectives as adults, 


Thank you very much BETINA  

Luis Garcia 

High-performance swimmer and

2nd Place, GeradX Pageant 2020, Mallorca 

Hello, everybody, my name is Luis Garcia and I'm 22 years old. I'm going to tell you how Betina helped me to have more confidence in myself and to achieve one of my dreams. 

It all started when I was selected for a men's contest. I found out that we had a workshop with Betina for all the contestants in the competition and we also had a private coaching session. 

I went to do the session with my colleagues from the contest and I found the topics that Betina teaches very interesting and the way she makes people know each other a little bit more and trust each other in a very short time, so I asked her for an appointment. In that appointment, I confessed to her that I was nervous about parading in front of so many people and that the shirt I had to wear was not at all to my taste. 

In the private coaching session, I discovered a lot of things about myself and my past. And because of those discoveries I had, she told me not to be nervous, to imagine that I was swimming when I was parading on the catwalk and that the shirt, which was a shirt of flowers, to imagine that those flowers were fish (I love fish).  

The day of the final gala came.  I had to parade and wear the shirt. I won't deceive you before I went out to parade, I was very nervous but I remembered the private coaching session I had with Betina and I managed to relax and believe in myself. Thanks to that, in the final I was able to get the band of Mr. Attitude and the most important band for me, the one of the 2nd Finalists. Thanks to that confidence I had a great show.  

Thank you very much to all of you for reading my story and I hope that you will be encouraged to attend a session with Betina, you will discover decisions and things about yourselves that you would never have imagined. 


Maria Simone Sanfilippo Fernandes 

Brasil – Mallorca 

My experience with Betina was a great surprise. I never imagined that there was a profession that used these techniques, which has opened me up to the knowledge of myself! 

I came to the sessions with low esteem, insecurities, fears, and a great feeling of being a victim. 

It was the first time that really after some sessions. I can feel comfortable talking and get rid of all my burdens. 


Coach for me: those answers we never found.  You're that help we need but don't know where to look.  

Betina plants you a seed of relief 

Teaches you a path and helps you follow it. Searches for you finds you and gives you back. 

I am very grateful. Because I love to be mine! 


Gracias Betina 

Jean McKinley  

Bedford - UK 

An amazing NLP coach. I traveled to Mallorca to receive coaching and also take time out to enjoy the island. I recommend Betina for your personal and one-to-one business coaching.


Unique, friendly, professional, and results. Betina is always in contact and there if you need her at any time. If you can combine the coaching with a few days to explore Mallorca then do so.


You will not be disappointed.  

Candido Romero 

Management Trainer, AMG Partner 

Andorra - Luxemburg 

 I am very happy that our paths have crossed at a time of difficult decisions in my life. Betina has helped me to look inside myself and listen to me to find my way, the way that uses my passions and strengths.


I warmly recommend Betina because she does not try to understand you through an assessment tool, but she focuses only on you with her incredible listening, intuitive skills, and positive attitude towards life.


She manages to assess your individual situation quite quickly and helps you to overcome the real obstacles on the way to self-discovery and success. 

 Best regards