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Business Coaching

​My business coaching Face to Face (anywhere in the world) or Online, will assist and guide you and your company by directly helping the employees who are struggling at work, with things like insecurities or a bad attitude, that is affecting their day to day lives and making them work less efficiently, to overcome their problems, therefore increasing their Productively, your Profits, and a healthier work environment. 

All sessions are done privately and on a 1-1 basis either at the companies location or in my office. All information is then kept completely confidential between me and the employee, which helps them to integrate quickly back into their working environment.

The Coaching also comes complete with a specially created Hypnosis (except Group Coaching and Online Coaching) and Meditation session, which helps your employees to be more focused, returning them to work with a newfound perspective. This can be given at your workplace or with the added option of using my office on the beautiful Island of Mallorca, (this will allow your employees to disconnect from their usual environments and routines).


For more information on how to reserve your place, please contact me.


See a preview of my Business Coaching video here


Christian Frederic Emile Maroldt 

CEO Maroldt SARL, Luxembourg 

A good friend of mine signed me up with Betina two years ago because she thought she could certainly help me in my life and so the whole thing started: 

In the first conversation, we exchanged our life experiences, and after that Betina explained her approach to me and occupied herself with me intensively for 3 days. Afterward, I experienced the awake hypnosis in more

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