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Group Lecture

Group Coaching

My one-week Fun-packed Coaching Program, Face to Face (anywhere in the world) or Online, consists of 1 session of 3 hours each, specifically designed to suit people who are more comfortable working closely with others, in groups, to achieve the same goals.

In these sessions, my clients usually discover that despite their many different cultures, lifestyles, and experiences, they often share many of the same patterns, paradigms, fears, and blocks – as well as similar passions about goals and dreams!


So as they work through transforming these areas of their lives, they have a much more camaraderie attitude towards the tasks I set.

Bonds are then quickly formed and great work partnerships are created.


One of the wonderful things about my group coaching sessions is that my clients not only learn from me, but they learn from each other! Listening to one another’s experiences and offering feedback helps them experience 'breakthroughs' more quickly.

Also, witnessing first-hand, how others are applying the transformational practices to their own lives, helps to accelerate the rate at which they overcome their challenges. in moving towards their goals and dreams!

As with all forms of my coaching, goals are set with the clients. To meet these goals one-off practices are agreed upon. These are designed to break our patterns and beliefs; they create new neural pathways, literally re-forming the mind.

All my Coaching Systems come complete with Hypnosis (except Group Coaching and Online Coaching) and Meditation.

For more information on how to reserve your place, please contact me.

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