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Intensive Coaching

My Intensive one-week Face to Face (anywhere in the world) or Online, Coaching Program, specifically designed to suit people and companies, who are limited through time constraints and/or are looking for rapid results.


Formal meetings, take place every other day and consists of 10 sessions of 75 minutes each, in between that time, there is daily contact - mostly via the telephone through WhatsApp or Telegram.

As with all forms of my coaching, goals are set with the client. To meet these goals one-off practices are agreed upon. These are designed to break our patterns and beliefs; they create new neural pathways, literally re-forming the mind.

All my Coaching Systems come complete with Hypnosis (except Group Coaching and online) and Meditation.

For more information on how to reserve your place, please contact me.


Gabriela Schläpfer Della Rosa

Pharmaceutical management, Switzerland 

I met Betina on an excursion during my holidays and we talked about our job. She awakened in me the confidence to coach with her.


The four-day intensive coaching with hypnosis helped me to undo the trauma with my father. To believe in me, that I am good as I am. It is a liberating, self-reinforcing, beautiful feeling. I had respect, even fear of hypnosis. Today I would do it again immediately, but only with Betina, because I was allowed to experience what it read more...

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